A declaration and request for customs release in respect of imports or goods intended for export. It is usually made on a Single Administrative Document ( SAD). Traders approved to do so can submit entries electronically. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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entry en‧try [ˈentri] noun entries PLURALFORM
1. [uncountable] formal the arrival of people or goods in a country:

• border patrol officers who control illegal entry into the US

ˈcustoms ˌentry [uncountable] COMMERCE
when official documents are presented and signed giving details of goods that are being brought into or taken out of a country:

• They introduced a new much improved customs entry processing system last month.

— see also bill of entry
2. [uncountable] also ˈmarket ˌentry MARKETING when a company starts selling goods or services in a market where they have not sold them before:

• In South Korea, smoking rates among teenage boys nearly doubled after the entry of US brands.

• Technological changes have helped reduce the costs of market entry, especially in telecommunications.

— see also barrier to entry
3. [countable] ACCOUNTING a figure or other piece of information entered in a set of accounts:

• In a double-entry system of bookkeeping, each debit has a corresponding credit entry.

ˈbook ˌentry
1. [countable] ACCOUNTING a record of an amount spent or received, as shown in a company's accounting records:

• The company had falsified book entries.

2. [uncountable] ACCOUNTING FINANCE a situation in which the names of owners of bonds, shares etc are held on computer rather than on documents:

• Mutual funds are generally book entry, but certificates are available for investors who want them.

• The issue will be available in book-entry form only.

ˌclosing ˈentry [countable] ACCOUNTING
an entry made at the end of an accounting period, moving an amount from a nominal (= which records income and spending) to a profit and loss account (= which calculates profit)
ˌcompound ˈentry [countable] ACCOUNTING
an entry in a bookkeeping ledger that includes items relating to several different accounts or several different items relating to one account
ˈcontra ˌentry [countable] ACCOUNTING
an entry made in one side of an account equal in amount to an entry in the other side of the account:

• If a cheque is cashed for office use, a contra entry is made, which means an entry is made on the debit and credit side of the cash book.

— see also book of final entry
4. [uncountable] COMPUTING when you put information into a computer:

• Press Esc to return to menu at any time during data entry.

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entry UK US /ˈentri/ noun (plural entries)
[U] COMMERCE a situation in which a company sells a product or service in a particular place or to a particular group of customers for the first time: entry into sth »

There are many benefits to be gained from the company's entry into the pharmacy market.


With this takeover, the company gains entry into one of the most lucrative banking markets in the country.


Among the benefits of the measures would be an increase in the flow of funds in and out of Japan, eased market entry for foreigners, more competition and reduced trading fees.

[U] a situation in which someone becomes a member of an organization, a group, etc.: entry into sth »

She is a free market economist who oversaw Poland's entry into the EU.


Rather than long academic training, people are choosing short vocational courses or direct entry to the labour market.


conditions for/terms of entry

entry requirement/qualification »

The normal minimum entry requirements for the course are three A levels.

[C] ACCOUNTING, IT a number or other piece of information that is included in the accounts of a business or in a computer file: »

diary/blog/journal entry


individual accounting entries


Investigators have cross-referenced paper orders with computer entries made by the broker.

[U] IT the act of putting information into a computer: »

She works in an office doing mailings and data entry.

[U] an occasion when people or goods arrive in a country or region, or their right to arrive there: entry into sth »

The authorities are still trying to determine whether the vessel's entry into the disputed area was intentional or unintentional.

allow/deny/refuse (sb) entry »

The restrictions were eased to allow entry into the United States for animals under 30 months of age.


These people will be given legal right of entry to the UK next year as part of EU enlargement.


an entry visa

See also BARRIER TO ENTRY(Cf. ↑barrier to entry), BILL OF ENTRY(Cf. ↑bill of entry), BOOK ENTRY(Cf. ↑book entry), BOOK OF FINAL ENTRY(Cf. ↑book of final entry), BOOK OF FIRST ENTRY(Cf. ↑book of first entry), CLOSING ENTRY(Cf. ↑closing entry), COMPOUND ENTRY(Cf. ↑compound entry), CONTRA ENTRY(Cf. ↑contra entry), CUSTOMS ENTRY(Cf. ↑customs entry), DOUBLE ENTRY ACCOUNTING(Cf. ↑double entry accounting), DOUBLE ENTRY BOOKKEEPING(Cf. ↑double entry bookkeeping), SINGLE-ENTRY BOOKKEEPING(Cf. ↑single-entry bookkeeping)

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